Wednesday, May 16, 2007

[Coweta Arts Tidbits] NCAA Preparing For Second Juried Member Exhibit

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May 16, 2007
NCAA Preparing for II Annual Juried Member Exhibit at Arts Centre
     As anyone savvy with the arts around here knows, NCAA does not refer to some kind of sports thing, but is the initials of the Newnan-Coweta Art Association, which has constituted an important feature of the Coweta scene for many years.  One very surprising thing is that in spite of its age and in spite of its large membership it was not until last year that it ever held a Juried Exhibit of works by its own members!  That event was very successful, as could be expected, and it will be repeated this year.
     The venue will again be the Centre for Performing and Visual Arts of Coweta County on Lower Fayetteville Road several miles east of Newnan.  Although the art gallery per se at the Arts Centre is small, there is an abundance of wall space available in the Arts Centre's beautiful hallways, and this is where most of the paintings will be displayed.  
     The Opening Reception for the Exhibit will be from 6 PM thru 8 PM on June 19.  At last year's Reception there were not only an abundance of great paintings to appreciate but also some fine live music provided by an accomplished performer.  Presumably we can expect the same this year. 
    There will be a "Best in Show" award presented and two "Merit" awards.
     For more information on this an other NCAA activities one can visit their website at  

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