Monday, May 21, 2007

[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Newnan Author Christina Barber at CABSE

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May 21, 2007
Newnan Author Christina Barber Coming to CABSE
     I do not know of any other author around here who devotes more time and effort to speaking appearances and book signings than Christina Barber of Newnan.  Anyone who doubts this can visit her website and look at her scheduled appearances.  One of these last year was a very major one -- Dragon Con in Atlanta, the largest Science Fiction Convention in the world!  Therefore it is not suprising that she intends to be present at the Coweta Authors Book Signing Extravaganza (CABSE) on September 15 and 16.  All Coweta authors of a published book are being invited and so far 17, including Barber, have agreed to be there.  The Signing will begin at 10 AM on Saturday Sepember 15 and last until 5 PM and then will resume the next day Sunday September 16 at 12 Noon and last until 5 PM.  The authors will be seated behind name plates at a long row of tables.  The public will be given ample opportunity to meet the authors and acquire autographed copies of their books.
     Christina is now promoting her first published book, a very well-written exciting paranormal thriller named Greystone.  Her efforts have resulted in the book being given a 2006 Best Seller Award by the publisher, etreasures.  She is also working on collecting information for her second book, which she is writing under contract with the publisher, which will be a non-fiction book about ghosts in Coweta County. 

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