Tuesday, May 22, 2007

[CWG News Release] Coweta Writers Group Meets in July; Critiquing Emphasized

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Composed  By:  Forrest  W.  Schultz  770-583-3258  schultz_forrest@yahoo.com 
 May 22, 2007
Coweta Writers Group Re-activates With Meeting on July 12
Meetings Will Stress Critiquing
     After a great deal of thought, discussions, and updates in its membership list, the Coweta Writers Group (CWG) is now back in business.  Henceforth the monthly meetings will stress critiquing -- members will critique each other's writings during these meetings.  Any member wishing to have his writing critiqued will email it out to the rest by means of the
CWG email discussion group at least a week prior to the meeting.  At the meeting he will bring about a dozen hard copies of the writing to distribute to those in attendance.  Although there have been doubts about this, it is believed that if there is maturity and mutual concern on the part of both the critiquers and the critiquees that helpful critiques can be given,  The rest of the time during the meetings will be devoted to informal discussions among the members about any questions or comments regarding anything pertaining to writing.
Occasionally a speaker will be brought in.
    The first meeting of the re-activated Coweta Writers Group will be held at 7 PM on Thursday July 12 in the Conference Room of the Newnan-Coweta Public Library on Hospital Road in Newnan.  Anyone interested in writing is welcome to attend.  The meeting is expected to last until about 8:30.  It is expected that henceforth meetings will be held monthly.
     The Coweta Writers Group is open to any writer or aspiring writer living in or near Coweta County.  There are currently about 40 members.  Anyone interested in information about the CWG can contact Forrest Schultz at 770-583-3258 or by email at schultz_forrest@yahoo.com

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