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[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Holly Moulder Wins Eric Hoffer Award; Book To Be Made Into a Movie

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May 14, 2009

Holly Moulder YA Novel Wins an Eric Hoffer 2009 Award


Cord Of Three Strands To Be Made Into A Movie


     Coweta author (and former school teacher) Holly Moulder is a very busy woman these days:  she has been speaking to schools all over Georgia and nearby states about her first two books.  There has been an especial interest in her first one (published in 2007), Eyes Of The Calusa, in the state of Florida because that is where the Calusa tribe used to live, and no one had written a novel about them prior to Moulder's book. 


     Moulder has just announced two triumphs in regard to her second book, published last year, A Cord Of Three Strands.  The book won first runner up in the Young Adult category of the 2009 Eric Hoffer Awards for Short Prose and Independent Books.  (See the announcement: This permits her to put a nice shiny gold sticker on the cover and this plaudit (from The US Review), on her website (


 A Cord of Three Strands, Holly Moulder, White Pelican Press - In 1838 America, two lives intersect. John, a thirteen-year old, crippled Cherokee boy, is torn between his responsibility to The People as their new medicine man and helping a new friend in her desperate run toward freedom. Annie is a twelve-year old runaway slave traveling the Underground Railroad. How do a wooden horse, the "world's most learned pig," and a young lawyer named Abraham Lincoln figure into their lives? This historical fiction account moves the reader through a variety of experiences including Cherokee customs and medicine, plantation life of a slave, steamboat travel, and the dangers along the Underground Railroad. Moulder has done an excellent job incorporating vast amounts of detail into a compelling story that shows there are always at least two sides to any account.

     The second triumph is that the book is being made into a movie by Back Fence Productions, owned by Terry Chase Chenowith, who recently moved to Coweta County.  The screenplay is now being written and the casting is beginning.
     Holly Moulder is a member of the Florida Publishers Association and of the Coweta Writers Group. She is one of an ever growing number of Coweta authors who are experiencing the excitement of having their first book published, which has caused such a burgeoning of book publishing here that Coweta authors are now having books published at the rate of one book per month!  Moulder can be reached at 770-251-4764 or   


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