Monday, May 04, 2009

[Coweta Arts Tiddbits] Southside Arts Agenda Opens With Painting by NCAA Member

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May 4, 2009

Painting By NCAA Member on Front Page of Southside Arts Agenda


     Starting with today's issue the online news service the Southside Arts Agenda began a new policy of beginning each issue with a work by an artist from the Newnan-Coweta Art Association (NCAA).  NCAA last year celebrated its 40th birthday, making it one of the oldest art organizations on the Southside.  NCAA not only includes many visual artists from Coweta County, but also a sizable number from other Southside counties and even some from quite a distance.

     Below is shown how the beginning of today's first page of the SSA looks:
News About the Arts in the Southern Crescent
May 4, 2009 - Vol. 4 -  Issue 44

Plantation House by Silvia Feenaghty - Click the painting to visit her web site. 

Good morning!
We've added something new to the Agenda this week.  Going forward we will display a painting or photograph created by an artist member of the Newnan-Coweta Art Association.  Simply click on the painting to jump to that artist web page and view more of their outstanding art.

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