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May 9, 2009

Westerns Author "Buddy" Simmons Publishes Two Novels:


Fighting Skypilot and Fugitive's Revenge


    George "Buddy Simmons" of Newnan has had various avocations in his long life, one of the most enjoyable being the writing of Westerns.  He has had several Western short stories published in the Louis L'Amour Magazine and was about to have his two Western novels published by the same press when he discovered to his horror that the Editor had died and the publishing company consequently had gone out of business.  Then, before he recovered from that shock he himself almost died from several heart attacks, which made him expedite his plans to get the novels published elsewhere while he was still among the living.  His experience provides a good illustration of the fact that sometimes the adventures in getting a book published are as interesting as the adventures in the story in the book!


     His two books were published recently as electronic books, which will later switch to print.  They are available by visiting this part of the Tercoe website:


     One of the stories, Fighting Skypilot, features Jake Picket, ex-gunfighter turned Skypilot (a Preacher) who uses his guns to save the home of a widow and her son, thereby providing a very humerous and spellbinding account of justice in the old west.

    The second novel Fugitive's Revenge, is described in this way on the Tercoe site: 
"Eighteen year old Roy Buttress is the last survivor of the Buttress/Doaks feud. Tired of the killing, he moves to Alabama seeking peace, but his whereabouts are discovered. His fight to survive and his retaliation make for a sometimes hair-raising story."
     Ever more members of the Coweta Writers Group are enjoying the experience of getting their first book published.  "Buddy" Simmons is the most recent example.

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